Who Benefits?

Everybody can benefit from AT lessons because we look at the how of movement; It is an awareness building practice that can be applied to any activity. If you think AT may be right for you please inquire, I'll be happy to get back to you.



Actors, Musicians, Dancers, Writers, Teaching Artists all can benefit from AT lessons.  Your body is your instrument, and use affects functioning. Learn posture, methods for recuperation, ease in action, and translate all those things your coaches & directors ask of you.


“As a physical actor who regularly practices mime and clown, I find it necessary to check in on my physicality and posture as often as possible. I was new to Alexander Technique when I began working with Tracy, and although she was new to teaching, she made it a clear and accessible concept from the first hour we worked together. She was patient, insightful and a positive motivator. Always checking in with how I felt, and encouraging me to be aware of the changes in my body when something shifted. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
— Dinah Berekely, ACT Grad student


As a dancer who suffered from an acute and chronic achilles injury, I understand how frustrating therapy can be.  I knew that something I was doing was affecting my achilles tendon, but nobody seemed to have an answer.  I learned how the whole body affected my achilles, and how to insert conscious awareness into movement so that I can now move without pain. 

Gain Balance, Awareness of compensations for injuries, and learn how to do physical therapy excersices efficiently- so you're not just repeating the hairs that led to injury in the first place.

Live a more mindful life