Teaching Artist

Working with Tracy is always a pleasure, for both colleagues and those she is teaching. Her kind and confident approach to creative work offers the best possible opportunities for artists, learners and fellow teachers to succeed. A rare facilitator that is well admired by peers and students alike.
— Rhys McClelland, Education Manager, The Public Shakesepare Initiative

The Public Shakespeare Initiative- Hunts Point Children's Shakepseare Ensemble

2016-2018, Tracy was Movement Director for the Hunts Point Children's Shakespeare Ensemble (HPCSE).

Website, Public Shakespeare Initiative

Website, Hunts Point Alliance for Children

Video, Shakespeare Ensemble on New Learning Times



Since 2015, Tracy has worked in numerous in-school, after-school, and summer school programs for LeAp, integrating the arts into academic curriculum.



ASTEP at the Refugee Youth Summer Academy

Tracy worked for the Refugee Youth Summer Academy in 2014 as an Instructor, and 2016 as the Program Facilitator, managing 18 Teaching Artists and overseeing their lesson planning, behavior management, and final showcase.

Website, ASTEP

Video, RYSA 2016

A teaching artist is a practicing professional artist with the complementary skills, curiosities, and habits of mind of an educator, who can effectively engage a wide range of people in learning experiences in, through, and about the arts.
— Eric Booth, "The History of Teaching Artistry"
Refugee Youth Summer Academy, NY, NY 2016

Refugee Youth Summer Academy, NY, NY 2016

Tracy’s Teaching Artist practice naturally developed alongside her Alexander Technique work.  What initially began as a way to meaningfully support herself through the AT training, in no time revealed her passion for providing arts experiences for young people and the young at heart.  Having grown up at an Arts School herself, it is sad and hard for her to imagine a School day (or any day) without arts-based activities— the ensemble, the play, the physicality, and the three-dimensional creativity. She's worked with The Public Theater, The Shakespeare Society, Red Bull Theater,  LeAp (NYC ), The Brooklyn Waldorf School (Clown), and Artists Striving to End Poverty.