How I came to the Alexander Technique

The reasons I came to study Alexander Technique were two fold.  One, I had chronic pain in my achilles tendon.  I was in a dance rehearsal, and my left achilles seized up. It was achingly painful, and continued to flair up at inopportune times.  I got the impression that it must have been something I was doing that was causing this injury to flair up, but I did not know what, or how to address changing my patterns.  Two, I was an actress/singer/dancer, & I most often felt dissatisfied with my facility.   I felt old, unchecked habits of speech, auditioning, movement, and vocal use were not only causing me to lose energy, but also to ‘miss the target’ so to speak.  What I yearned for was a straight up, thorough, and practical understanding of my body as my instrument. When I met Ann Rodiger, the director of The Balance Arts Center Teacher Training Course, I knew she was the teacher to guide me toward these understandings.  She possesses a clear and extensive knowledge of anatomy & the body as instrument in life and within these art forms. She also struck me as having a singular brilliance in working with students and meeting them "where they are at." She has a practical and working knowledge of how to approach a student undergoing the hefty task of awareness building, habit rewiring, and body re-education.  I felt safe in her competent and gentle hands.  I felt uplifted and opened by my lessons, empowered with the knowledge of how to work with myself to achieve change and ownership.  She was giving me the user's guide for my body that no one had given me in full.  I joined the Alexander training course and my overall coordination improved day by day. I also began applying the process to my other aspects of my life. Alexander technique brilliantly informed my teaching, clowning, directing, acting, and even relationships.

The not so secret plus of the AT is that awareness of the bodies habits is synonymous with awareness of the mind's habits.  This means that as we work to get in the space between stimulus and response physically, we also begin to experience the possibility of unravelling psycho/emotional habits of communication.  Those which have had the habit of directing our lives.  All the while, as our necks release, our sensory intake refines, and we can see more clearly, and our choices can be made more wiseley. As we get between stimulus and response, we become directors of our lives, consciously coordinating action, and gaining the power to do whatever we want with more ease and pleasure.