Announcing: Alexander Technique Acting Class


I'm soon teaching a 4 week Acting/Alexander Class for returning students.  

Directly apply your AT knowledge to the skill of acting.  Work in an intimate group to face your patterns, and unlearn holding patterns that inhibit the full expression of your instrument.  Classes will include Alexander 'turns,' group games, open scenes, and will end with monologue work.  

  • When: Mondays April 16, 23, 30 & May 7 
  • Time: 2:30pm-4pm
  • Where: The Balance Arts Center 
  • Class will be capped at 4 people
  • Fee: $110 (for all 4 weeks!!)

RSVP by Sunday April 8 to reserve a spot.


"What lead me to taking Tracy's Alexander class was I had been looking for way in with my acting. In a nut shell, I felt as though I had writers block, but for an actor. I was attempting to calculate each step I'd take, if that step would be any good, what it would mean, how it could be better, etc. All of this before I had even done anything....[Alexander Technique]  is a fantastic guide in balancing the use of both physical and mental... It is a direct way for me to exercise relaxation, concentration and consistently illuminating how I work as a human being. I have no intention on stopping anytime soon." -Julian Garcia

"Tracy is a truly wonderful Alexander teacher. Through my work with her I am developing a deeper more grounded relationship with my body and voice and am excited to utilize what I am learning in my acting work. I am very grateful for her warm, wise and understanding presence." -Amy Staats

"Tracy is a beautiful Alexander teacher. I have been her student in both private and group settings, I have utter respect for her discipline, focus, and craft. She brings a warm and grounded energy to her classes, and she instills the same curiosity and reverence for Alexander technique that she feels herself." -Josh Lavine

“Of all the disciplines that form the actor training program, none is more vital, enriching and transformative than the Alexander Technique." -the late Harold Stone, previous Associate Director, Theatre Department, Juilliard School, NY