Tracy is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique Teacher. She trained with Ann Rodiger at the Balance Arts Center 1600 hour teacher Training program and has post graduate certification to work with people who have hyper-mobility and/or EDS.  She regularly teaches actors, singers and people who wish to alleviate chronic/acute pain.  She is Associate Faculty member at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

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Work with young people

Tracy’s Teaching Artist practice naturally developed alongside her Alexander Technique work.  What initially began as a way to meaningfully support herself through the AT training, in no time revealed her passion for providing arts experiences for young people and the young at heart.  Having grown up at an Arts School herself, it is sad and hard for her to imagine a School day (or any day) without arts-based activities— the ensemble, the play, the physicality, and the three-dimensional creativity. She's worked with LeAp, NYC , The Shakespeare Society, The Public Theater (current), The Brooklyn Waldorf School (Clown), the Redbull Theater Company, and Artists Striving to End Poverty.  

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A collaborative performing artist, Tracy's creative work spans dance, theatrical clown, theater, & spoken word poetry.

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