Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Lessons should I take? 

This is Personal, and depends on your process.  I suggest committing to 3 lessons when you begin. Many people find that 10-30 lessons give them a beginning sense of ownership over the work. 

What should I wear to my lesson?

Wear clothes you can move in, socks, and a shirt with sleeves.  

What can I expect in my first lesson?

A discussion about why you are taking lessons, a chair turn, table turn (lying down) and applying the work standing up.  You can expect verbal and gentle hands-on guidance.  

Where can I learn more about the Technique?

The Balance Arts Center description of the Alexander Technique.

How is this different from Yoga?

Alexander Technique focuses on the how of movement, and brings conscious awareness into even every day movements.  Main-stream yoga usually focuses on stretching an meditation on the mat/in the classroom. 

How is this different from the Feldenkrais Method?

Both techniques increase awareness, relieve tension, and build better postural patterns.  I like this article describing the differences.

Has anyone done scientific research to prove this works? 

Yes. Click here to read The British Medical Journal Study on The Alexander Technique and Back Pain

I want to learn more; Can you recommend any books?

Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique by Micheal J. Gelb (and many more! Just ask.)

Have any Further questions?