Who Benefits?

"You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension." -F.M. Alexander

Everybody can benefit from AT lessons.  We look at the how of movement; It is an awareness building practice that can be applied to any activity.  In all AT lessons, attention will be payed to your overall all manner of use.  There are specific ways AT can serve your needs, and here are a few examples.   If you think AT may be right for you and you're not sure, please inquire.  I'll be happy to get back to you.

Recovering from Injury OR CHRONIC PAIN

Learn to be aware of compensations you are making for your injury, and learn balance to prevent future injury or pain.

Interested in well-being & self-care

We all have bodies, but many of us lack working knowledge of coordination and even simple anatomical mapping. Learn to do activities- from the simplest like sitting and standing, to your complex skill, like acting, playing music, going fishing, etc. with increased coordination, flexibility, postural poise, and lightness.


Desire better posture

Find balance, ease, and sustainability in action. Think more clearly, and last longer with awareness and presence of mind.

Artists and AT

Actors, Movers, Musicians, Visual Artists, Teaching Artists, and Writers who seek a refined understanding of their bodies, release of creativity, ease and recuperation. Your body is your instrument. Learn it.




Address your whole, release excess strain, find optimal balance & directions, recuperate, prepare, and find ease in practice.